What is Arta engine?

Arta engine comes from the idea of saving programmers precious time and energy for important things when an engine can handle a lot of things. Giving some basic information about a project and the data structure then getting as much as possible from the engine, writing as small, clean and reusable PHP code as possible, organizing project file structure in a simple and logical way, working with the best technologies and tools available and all of this in an performance efficient way.

Arta engine is a set of nimble lightweight PHP classes and programming approaches which can be used separately or as a small lightweight framework.

Arta engine is created by some-one who does't get along well with frameworks!
When using Arta engine the programmer is supposed to always be the master in charge, there is no magic, nothing is loaded and forced by the engine.
Arta is supposed to be along to help when it is asked and tries to be less annoying (hopefully).

Developing applications with Arta engine beside JQuery, PHPTal template engine and PostgreSQL and AJAX can be done extreamly fast. Smarty template engine or plane PHP templates can be used instead of PHPTAL and MySQL instead of PostgreSQL.

Arta engine is good for someone who wants to create small clean and reusable web-applications with PHP.
For some-one who knows how to use this engine as a framework implementing a system from scratch, creating data entities and a beautiful working back-site which has user management and login plus add/input/search forms, sortable, tables with interactive data rows and data views takes only one or two hours.

Is it for me?

Do you want to create you projects with PHP?

Do you have few hours to read some documents?

Arta engine likes to work along PostgreSQL, MySql, PHPTal, Smarty and JQuery is this good for you?

Arta engine likes AJAX, do you like using AJAX solutions?

Do you like to configure application settings a nice ini file? Map URLs to PHP classes and methods as handlers? Put keys alias for your JS, CSS and template files so you don't have to remember the file paths each time?

Do you like to define classes for your data entities then have your database created from the classes with few clicks? not in a weird way but in the way that you would more or less do it?
Create input forms, validate input data in JavaScript/PHP, create search forms and tables which are highly customizable and flexible just with few lines of code?
Do you want to be able to change your data classes whenever you want without fearing how will the other parts digest the changes?

Do you want a small not sneaky framework?

If your answers are yes then Arta engine is for you.

I think i want to try it

Really? ok let's get started.

Please don't go to the API, Sample or Download tabs.

Go to the Tutorials and start reading the tutorials one by one, after reading each one you can download a sample which covers that tutorial.