About Artaengine

Artaengine project

While PHP is widely used for developing web sites and applications, it's free and easy going nature lets producing bad source codes. The basic idea behind Artaengine was to get all the good things out of PHP by having a very nimble framework which puts a developer or a group of developers in a path to create high-quality codes without being annoying as a framework would.

Artaengine can be used as a framework to enforce a MVC like pattern thus creating large agile application that are highly reusable and maintainable in the shortest time.

In an application based on Artaengine you write less and get more without leaving a large footprint.

Artaengine libraries are based on classes created for the author's previous works. Re written and unified to be used as a nimble PHP framework for small content based websites to large enterprise web applications. The library components are suitable to be used separately too.

Artaengine project is free and non profitable. Everyone can use the entire engine as a framework or components of the engine for their commercial and non commercial applications. Open to be tweaked and customized.

Since 2009 Artaengine has been employed as the framework for several enterprise applications developed by RG Net Hungary company and other projects developed by the author.


Artaengine idea, libraries, documents, examples and this web-site were been designed and created by Mehdi Torabi.

Thanks to

Istvanovszki Zoltan, Kornél Báranovics and András Tóth for being the first programmers to use Artaengine as a framework, finding bugs and giving suggestions and supporting the project.




Artaengine is a free open source project, if you like the idea and you want to help the project feel free to Donate.


Each library file (PHP class or JavaScript class) has it's own version as "x.y.z". Bug fixes and small modifications in each file will increase z. New features and enhancements will increase y. Big changes will increase x.

The whole library itself as a framework has a release version as "x.y.z". Small changes in one or more library file will increase z. New features and enhancements in one or more library file will increase y. Big modifications effecting the whole library will increase x.


Every now and then new ideas, fixes and enhancements will be put into the project. Artaengine is open, anyone can join the project and help.